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Walter Shakespeare
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Walter Shakespeare has been an ever faithful assistant to the prestigious Edwin Blackgaard. He is the Vice President of the The Harlequin Dinner Theatre. He is voiced by Corey Burton, who also plays the sixteenth century playwright, William Shakespeare.


Shakespeare doesn't have any family that is mentioned in Adventures in Odyssey.


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Edwin Blackgaard: I'll... call a cab. ...Precisely how do you call a cab, Shakespeare?
Walter Shakespeare: With a phone, sir.

#470: “Break a Leg”

Edwin Blackgaard: And may I commend you for this makeshift stage you've concocted on this horrid gazebo.
Walter Shakespeare: You may.
Edwin Blackgaard: Consider yourself commended.

#203: “Double Trouble”

Walter Shakespeare: Ladies and... gentleman.

#203: “Double Trouble”

Edwin Blackgaard: Have you forgotten how we left? Under the cover of darkness, cowering with our tails between our legs like stray ducks?
Walter Shakespeare: I think you mean dogs, sir. Cowering out of town like stray dogs?
Edwin Blackgaard: What difference does it make?!?

#342: “Welcome Home, Mr. Blackgaard”

Walter Shakespeare: Perhaps if we promote the theater in more innovative ways, people will come to our productions.
Edwin Blackgaard: Innovative? Say you're not thinking about those tacky little pins with our names printed along the edge or a pot holder with my face on it. I have no desire to have hot pans pressed against my face, Shakespeare!

#470: “Break a Leg”

Walter Shakespeare: Help! Get your oily tentacles off of me. Help! Ed, it's got me! The rumors are true!! The rumors are-!

#248: “Terror from the Skies”

Walter Shakespeare: Sir? Sir, I really don't think you need to duck behind me anymore. No one seems to be taking notice of us. And those who are-
Man on the street: Good morning!
Woman on the street: Good morning!
Walter Shakespeare: Good morning.
Edwin Blackgaard: Ahh!!!
Walter Shakespeare: Sir, those who are taking notice of us are very cordial.
Edwin Blackgaard: They're setting me up for the kill! Lulling me into a false sense of security! Be prepared to run, Shakespeare—especially if you see tar and feathers!

#342: “Welcome Home, Mr. Blackgaard”

Edwin Blackgaard: Go on, go on! Read what's on it!
Walter Shakespeare: Made in Taiwan.
Edwin Blackgaard: The other side.

#470: “Break a Leg”

Edwin Blackgaard: Well if you kind friendly folks will excuse me, I'll be on my way. Shakespeare the door.
Walter Shakespeare: Yes sir.
John Whittaker: Now wait a minute, why don't you come into my office and...
Edwin Blackgaard: No thank you Mr. Whiter. I'm leaving now. Good day to you, and to you young man, and even to you good lady.
Connie Kendall: Hmm.
Edwin Blackgaard: Shakespeare the door.
Walter Shakespeare: It's still here sir.

#203: “Double Trouble”

Trent DeWhite: We don’t wanna be a married couple!
Edwin Blackgaard: You don’t wanna? Oh dear me, how sad! Shakespeare, fetch me my violin.
Walter Shakespeare: Violin, coming up!

#636: “A Class Reenactment”

Edwin Blackgaard: I found myself doing "to be or not to be" in rap!
Walter Shakespeare: It... drew a crowd, sir.
Edwin Blackgaard: Only because I threw out my back doing the hand gestures!

#470: “Break a Leg”

Edwin Blackgaard: Just imagine it, a man of my acting stature reduced to a foot.
Walter Shakespeare: Really, you're much taller than that sir.

#515: “B-TV: Behind the Scenes”

Trent DeWhite: Couldn’t you just, you know...change the script a little?
Edwin Blackgaard: What?!
Walter Shakespeare: Change Mr. Blackgaard’s script?!

#636: “A Class Reenactment”

Walter Shakespeare: (lifts a very heavy suitcase) What's in here?!
Edwin Blackgaard: My reviews!
Walter Shakespeare: But, sir, I thought we were packing light!
Regis Blackgaard: Why don't you pack really light and take only the good reviews?

#329: “The Return”

Edwin Blackgaard: <talking to Eugene> No, they want to hear drama!
Walter Shakespeare: That’s right!
Edwin Blackgaard: Spectacle!
Walter Shakespeare: Spectacle!
Edwin Blackgaard: Crisis!
Walter Shakespeare: Crisis!
Edwin Blackgaard: And the true story has none of those elements!
Walter Shakespeare: None!

#636: “A Class Reenactment”

Edwin Blackgaard: The doctor said you need a break!
Walter Shakespeare: Already have one, sir.

#470: “Break a Leg”

Edwin Blackgaard: Is this what it's come to, Shakespeare? To waste my time and talents listening to country folk butcher lines from "Our Town" and "Arsenic and Old Lace" and "The Importance of Being Earnest"?
Walter Shakespeare: Yes, sir.
Edwin Blackgaard: I'd rather die.
Walter Shakespeare: Fair enough, sir. I'll just make us some tea while we wait for the bank to repossess all our furniture.

#218: “A Class Act”

Edwin Blackgaard: Imagine him, forcing me to do that story! It's...unreasonable! It''s...
Walter Shakespeare: Like he's making you do what he hired you to?
Edwin Blackgaard: Exactly!

#636: “A Class Reenactment”


Walter Shakespeare is voiced by Corey Burton, has appeared in 17 episodes.

Walter Shakespeare has been mentioned in 2 episodes.

Walter Shakespeare has appeared in 1 comic story arc(s).