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Whit's End
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First launched on April 1, 2000, WhitsEnd.org is the official Adventures in Odyssey website by Focus on the Family. The website is intended to be a hub of character and story information, primarily for the audio series but also extending to Adventures in Odyssey novels, animated films, games and other incarnations of the series. The site is also intended to introduce people to Adventures in Odyssey via sample episodes and helpful series information.


When WhitsEnd.org first launched, it was thought that the show had a very young listening audience and that the Odyssey videos would be a key part of the brand's future. Which is why WhitsEnd.org looked like a website for 4-7 year-olds and prominently features the video-character art. However, this direction has been significantly altered when the new WhitsEnd.org launched.

The original website address was adventuresinodyssey.org, it was changed to Whitsend.org a few months after launch, sometime between June and August 2000.

In September 2006, The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast premiered at WhitsEnd.org and immediately became one of the website's most popular features. It provides a taste of the new website--where the main thrust will be giving visitors a behind-the-scenes look at Adventures in Odyssey and quickly providing the information fans are searching for.

On 8/17/08 WhitsEnd.org was revamped and redesigned. It included all of the new album artwork for the Album art changes, new character artwork, desktop downloads.


Wallpaper Downloads

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On a certain date, previous to 2014, there was an ad on the site saying that you could download all 726 episodes at once, off of CBD. However, the webmasters forgot to compensate for the 17½ unreleased episodes, which were not able to be downloaded.