Powder Puff Pamela

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Powder Puff Pamela
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Powder Puff Pamela is the main character of a fictional TV show aimed at girls. She fights crime with only her wit, strength, and, according to Tamika Washington, hair accessories. One of her biggest fans is Mandy Straussberg, who owned a collector's jacket with the character's picture on the back (which she allowed Alex to borrow in #466: “Snow Day”) and customized her Novabox math game as "Powder Puff Pamela's Pythagorean Planet". Powder Puff Pamela's show seems to be very popular, as Tamika mentions a cruise based around her show in #545: “Something's Got to Change”.

Her name and the nature of her show suggest that her franchise is a possible reference to the the Powerpuff Girls, a cartoon about three young super-powered girls who fight crime.


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