Powder Puff Pamela

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Powder Puff Pamela
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Powder Puff Pamela is the main character of a fictional TV show aimed at girls; she fights crime with only her wit, strength, and, according to Tamika Washington, hair accessories. One of her biggest fans is Mandy Straussberg, who owned a collector's jacket with the character's picture on the back (which she allowed Alex to borrow in #466: “Snow Day”) and customized her Novabox math game as "Powder Puff Pamela's Pythagorean Planet". Powder Puff Pamela's show seems to be very popular, as Tamika mentions a cruise based around her show in #466: “Snow Day”.

Her name and the nature of her show suggest that her franchise is a possible reference to the Powerpuff Girls, a cartoon about three young super-powered girls who fight crime.


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