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Star Trip
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Star Trip is a science-fiction TV show featured in #321: “Hidden In My Heart”. It parodies the TV series Star Trek, using character names and plot elements similar to Star Trek.

Some of the similarities:

  • There is a logical character named Crock, as opposed to Star Trek's logical Vulcan, Spock.
  • Instead of Captain James T. Kirk, the ship's captain is named William Shattered, whose name is a parody of Kirk's original actor, William Shatner.
  • There are "Scripture Phasers", as opposed to simply carrying phasers as weapons.
  • The DingDongs are the enemies instead of the Klingons.
  • The Expendable Crewman is a parody of the often ill-fated, red-uniformed, unnamed crew members.
  • Instead of the "U.S.S. Enterprise", the ship is named the "U.S.S. Aerobocise"
  • Zuzu is a parody of Sulu.