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For the character from The Visitors, see Nathaniel (a)
Nathaniel Graham
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Nathaniel is a very bright boy who only appeared in a few episodes. In #451: “Life Trials of the Rich and Famous”, he finds out that his dad has earned a lot of money and, as a result, has become very wealthy.

In #426: “The Buck Starts Here”, as part of an experiment Whit is conducting, he gives Nathaniel, along with Ashley and Jared, a starting balance of $25 to use constructively in the next two weeks. If they try to build on it, they can keep it. If they don't build on it, he will take it back. The kids immediately start to work on their big ideas.

Mandy Straussberg, the secretary for Nathaniel, gives him some delicious muffins that convince him they should go into the muffin business. After some discussion, Mandy agrees to make muffins to sell if she can be a 50-50 partner with Nathaniel. Though all the kids want to spend their money constructively, they find obstacles to overcome; Nathaniel and Mandy's muffin business has too much competition.

When Whit comes back to see how everyone is doing, both Nathaniel and Ashley offer Whit's money back and tell him their struggles to make their businesses work. Luckily, both Nathaniel and Ashley are allowed to keep their money.


Nathaniel has a dad who only appears in #451: “Life Trials of the Rich and Famous” and #507: “The Benefit of the Doubt”.


Nathaniel Graham: Can't we continue our debate like two adults?
Eugene Meltsner: We could, but we're one adult short.
Nathaniel Graham: How droll.

#416: “The Tower”

Nathaniel Graham: Be careful with that! You almost hit me!
Babylonian Overseer: Almost? I must be losing my touch.

#416: “The Tower”

Nathaniel Graham: My stomach feels like it wants to play outside for a while.

#429: “The YAK Problem”

Sarah Prachett: How many bathrooms do you have?
Nathaniel Graham: I lost count after five and a half.

#451: “Life Trials of the Rich and Famous”

Eugene Meltsner: And with all due respect to this happy reunion, I believe we should get out of the city before this confusion becomes truly chaotic.
Nathaniel Graham: Meaning?
Eugene Meltsner: Meaning it's only a matter of time before this mob becomes violent.
Nathaniel Graham: Meaning?
Eugene Meltsner: Meaning, let's get out of here!

#416: “The Tower”

Nathaniel Graham: Wow, the hamster of death!

#448: “Mandy's Debut”

Nathaniel Graham: I mean, I'm happy to be your friend, but we'd rather not let the neighbors know.
Alex Jefferson: We don't have to be your friends if it's embarrassing to you!
Sarah Prachett: We have other friends we can visit, y'know!
Nathaniel Graham: Really? You could've fooled me. We've had to have the pinball machines recalibrated three times because you've been using them too much, and the filter in the pool had to be replaced four times because of excessive girl hair. I mean, I'm not complaining; we want to keep you as happy as possible. Without people like you on our side, who would pump our gas?

#451: “Life Trials of the Rich and Famous”

Liz Horton: Just who do you think you are?!
Nathaniel Graham: I'm Nathaniel, that's who. You remember—Nathaniel, the kid who wears garage sale clothes, and is lousy in sports...and who just happens to have an indoor pool. That's all. I'm the same person I always was.

#451: “Life Trials of the Rich and Famous”

Nathaniel Graham: Look, I just want things to be like they were. I want to be your friend—or at least, as much as I was your friend before. Sometimes it was hard to tell.

#451: “Life Trials of the Rich and Famous”


Nathaniel Graham is voiced by Blake Ewing, has appeared in 16 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 88.4%.

Nathaniel Graham has been mentioned in 1 episode.