My Ode to Macaroni

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My Ode to Macaroni
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My Ode to Macaroni appeared in the radio show Odyssey Sings! (album 45) and was sung by Wooton Bassett on the TV show America Sings.


My Ode to Macaroni

In the days of dark and dread

you kept me warm, you me fed

My bright and yellow spot in my pantry

O, My Macaroni and my Cheese

My Ode to Macaroni

With some ham and cheese for garb

You are a protein and a carb

My perfect blend of diet ecstasy

O, my macaroni and my cheese

My Ode to Macaroni is now done


  • The original music and lyrics to the song were composed by John Fornof and the music was arranged by John Campbell. For the aired version, John Campbell's music was not used, because the sound designer for the show, Jonathan Crowe, wanted live music in the final cut of the show, so live musicians were brought in. You can hear Wooton sing the song with John Campbell’s music in a bonus track include in the album.
  • Unlike the other songs in this episode, only Wooton and Harlow actually sing their songs all the way through to the end.