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Mr. Jenkins
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Mr. Jenkins is the owner of Jenkins's Market.


One of his early employees was Albert Schultz, the cousin of Lucy Cunningham-Schultz. Lucy convinced Mr. Jenkins to force Albert to sort and stack cans of food without pictures as part of a plan to convince the illiterate Albert of the importance of learning to read.

He once sold lots and lots of soda, chips, and birdhouses to his customers who were under the influence of the Novabox — part of the Novacom grand scheme.

When the Washington family decided to switch the adults' and kids' roles, Mr. Jenkins tried hard to mask his shock and later confessed that he thought the family was crazy.


Tamika Washington: These kids are driving me crazy!
Mr. Jenkins: Eh... sorry to hear that.

#591: “Switch”


Mr. Jenkins is voiced by Bob Hoose, has appeared in 6 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 91.2%.