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Joan Gerber
Episode Characters Played 14
Episode Appearances 15



Joan Gerber was an American voice actress for a variety of cartoons, perhaps being best known as the voice of Mrs. Beeakly on DuckTales.

Gerber showed a faithfulness to Adventures in Odyssey from the very beginning and voiced many minor roles over the course of the program. These include Teresa Rossini (#6: “The Day After Christmas”), Audrey Nelson (#51 – #52: “Connie”), Mrs. Erskine (#300: “Preacher's Kid”), Vivian Birch (#340 – #341: “Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D.”), and several others.

Interestingly, Gerber often acted in Barclay family episodes as an antagonist (or at least a challenger) to Donna, playing the roles of Grace (#32: “Family Vacation, Part 2”), Mary Hooper (#72: “An Encounter with Mrs. Hooper”), Mrs. Erskine (#300: “Preacher's Kid”), etc.

Gerber died on August 22, 2011.


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