Gower's Field

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Gower's Field
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Type of Organization

Gower's Field is land near Lawrence Hodges's house. The field once was a setting for a fictional radio show named Terror from the Skies. Near this field is an old barn everyone calls Gower's Barn. Gower's Barn was where Rodney Rathbone once hid out when he ran away from home. Also a bag of money (later turned out to be counterfeit) was found here by Isaac Morton. There used to be an old abandoned building called the Donovan house sitting near Gower's Field, but it burned down because of an accident involving Donna Barclay and some friends. A plane carrying Derk Begs and Monty Whittaker-Dowd once crashed in Gower's Field while flying to Detroit which led into a case about The Green Ring.



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