Federal Witness Protection Program

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Federal Witness Protection Program
Board Chairman
Type of Organization

Historical Background

The Federal Witness Protection Program was originally created by Gerald Shur of the United States Department of Justice as a way to protect witnesses who implicated people involved in organized crime, such as the mafia (the WPP was created specifically to combat the mafia's policy of murdering those who testified against them). Those who are involved in the program are usually taken away from their homes and given new identities and occupations with money for housing and basic subsistence provided, and are under constant guard by the U.S. Marshals Service. Due to the pervasive nature of the crimes usually testified against by such witnesses—it is nearly impossible to escape the influence of many of these crimes—many people do not ever leave the program.

Role in Adventures in Odyssey

After Stephen DeWhite uncovered a massive money-laundering scheme by Andromeda (for whom he worked as an accountant), he contacted the FBI; when, according to his son Jared, he discovered a camera hidden in his office, the FBI placed him and his family in the Witness Protection Program. Robert Mitchell was also put into the program, most likely due to the risks of working for Novacom in an attempt to expose them. Both the DeWhites and Mitch left the program (which, though usually discouraged, can occur at any time); however, theirs was a unique case, as Novacom itself had collapsed to the point of no longer being a sufficient threat.

Characters Who Have Been in the Witness Protection Program