Fair-Weather Fans

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#201: “Fair-Weather Fans”
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Proverbs 18:24

24A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

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Fair-Weather Fans

“Fair-Weather Fans” is episode #201 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Charlie Richards, and originally aired on August 15, 1992.


Isaac starts selling fans door-to-door during a heatwave in Odyssey – and learns a hard lesson about choosing friends and making money.



Isaac meets a new kid in town named Derek, who is going door-to-door, selling electric fans. When Derek asks Isaac to join him as a partner, Isaac believes he’s found a great friend. Isaac takes Derek around town and introduces him to everyone he knows, including Whit. Then, the two of them proceed to talk all those folks into buying fans. Derek even goes so far as to guarantee that the fans will last as long as the lifetime of the owner’s house.

Isaac and Derek make money hand over fist. Things are going well, until Derek learns that Isaac has already introduced him to everyone he knows. Then, Derek disappears. Unfortunately, the fans begin to break. The customers start calling Isaac, demanding to know what the problem is.

Isaac and his dad go searching for Derek. When Isaac finds him, he discovers that their friendship and business partnership was a scam. Derek simply used Isaac to sell useless fans. Derek skips town, leaving Isaac to rectify the situation. With Whit’s help, Isaac does. Together they fix the fans, and Isaac learns a painful lesson about choosing his friends wisely.

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Discussion Questions

  1. Why were Isaac and the townspeople so easily taken in by Derek?
  2. How would you have handled Derek?
  3. What is the best way to choose your friends?


Role Voice Actor
Derek Chad Reisser
Derek's father Walker Edmiston
Fred Ferdinand Walker Edmiston
Isaac Morton Justin Morgan
Isaac's neighbor Lynn Luttrell
Isaac's neighbor 2 Bob Luttrell
Jerry Morton Jerry Houser
John Whittaker Hal Smith
Mrs. Jorgensen Unknown
Doc Morton Diane Michelle
Ralph Bob Luttrell
Water slide park employee Jerry Houser




Derek: Would I lie to you?
Isaac Morton: I dunno.
Derek: I’ve never lied to you before.
Isaac Morton: You haven’t had time.

Jerry Morton: Isaac, son, congratulations. I think you have been scammed.

Derek: Isaac, can't you catch on? It’s business. And business is over. Goodbye.