Eugene's Foreign Lines

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Due to Will Ryan's absence following the Spring 2000 Season (at which time Pamela Hayden, Al Janssen and Phil Lollar also left the program), all lines heard from Eugene during the Novacom Saga had to be reused from previous episodes. The same technique was previously used for Whit following Hal Smith's death in 1994 (see Whit's Foreign Lines for more detail). Ryan would return to the program in the 2005 Season.


#484: “Plan B, I—Missing in Action”

Line Used Episode and Instance
"I will." #374: “For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll, Part 3”
"I love you." #294: “Unto Us a Child Is Born”

#499: “Exit”

Line Used Episode and Instance
"Greetings, Mr. Whittaker! It is I, Eugene!" #386: “It's a Pokenberry Christmas, Part 2”
"I was just entertaining the thought of returning to Odyssey." #274: “First-Hand Experience”
"Perhaps I will one day. I can't honestly say!" #322: “The Turning Point”
"...Whit." #280: “Gone...”