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Billy McPherson
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Billy was a member of the Israelites when he was a boy. He was a part of it for 2 years, until the group dissolved. He once scared Emma Douglas while doing some yard work for her in the middle of the night. He later went and apologized to her for frightening her. Jack and Jason tracked him down in #293: “A Code of Honor” to find out about the Israelites. During the Blackgaard saga, Jack asked him to come back to Odyssey and be the group leader of the gang's 2nd Generation. Billy works at a service station.


Billy is a strong, compassionate, and level-headed leader with no noticeable character flaws. He used to go to church when he was young, but stopped going as he became a teenager. Jack had a dream that Billy was searching spiritually, and Jack invited him to church in “A Code of Honor”. It is unknown if he ever went there during the period in which he returned as the leader of the Israelites.


Billy and his family live in Connellsville, on Howarth Road. He has a very large extended family in Connellsville. Frank is Billy's cousin, and works with him at the service station.


Billy McPherson: The Israelites are finished. The Bones of Rath have won.

#326: “Gathering Thunder”


Billy McPherson is voiced by David Buller, has appeared in 5 episodes, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with Billy McPherson}}%.

Billy McPherson has been mentioned in 3 episodes.