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Information.png Eric Myers is one of 777 characters who have appeared in fewer than six episodes. Not much information may be available about him or her.

Eric Myers
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He is the son of Ernie Myers, who was in prison.


He has a sister named Brooke. His parents are Ernie and Julie.

Random Facts

  • He was falsely accused of theft.
  • He got a bike for Christmas.
  • He was thinking about asking Donna Barclay on a hay-ride/date, but was soon convinced against it.


Coach Bryant: Did ya make up your mind about the game tomorrow?
Eric Myers: I can't be there, coach. I have to keep my promise.

#228: “A Game of Compassion”

Eric Myers: The game was supposed to be today, and they changed it. You see, I made a promise.
Brooke Myers: Did you cross your heart?
Eric Myers: No.
Brooke Myers: Then you don't have to keep it.
Eric Myers: Yes, I do. A promise is a promise, whether you cross your heart or not.
Brooke Myers: Really? So when you promised last week to take me to Whit's End, you still have to do it, even though you didn't cross your heart?
Eric Myers: Brooke, I don't wanna go to Whit's End.
Brooke Myers: But, you promised! And a promise is a promise.
Eric Myers: Oh, come on.

#228: “A Game of Compassion”

John Whittaker: That seems to be common about problems, doesn't it? Always being so... uh... problematic.
Eric Myers: Yeah. Especially this one.

#228: “A Game of Compassion”

Kevin (b): She's a preacher's kid. You can't ask her out.
Eric Myers: Why not?
Kevin (b): It'll be like going out with... Moses.
Eric Myers: Moses?
Kevin (b): Well, Moses' daughter. You'd have to do everything right. You never know when you might be breaking a commandment you don't even know about.

#300: “Preacher's Kid”


Eric Myers is voiced by Joe Dammann, has appeared in 5 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 90.2%.