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Information.png Ernie Myers is one of 2,428 characters who have only appeared in one episode. Not much information may be available about him or her.

Ernie Myers
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Two years before he is mentioned in the series, Ernie commits what is hinted at being a white collar crime (possibly embezzlement), and was sent to prison. His incarceration caused issues for his family; it became difficult for his wife, Julie, to hold down a job, as her coworkers would become hostile towards her and her supervisors would find a way to let her go. This forced his son, Eric to find odd jobs to try and help support the family when Julie wasn't working and both her and Ernie's daughter, Brooke, were teased for his incarceration.

At some point, Tom Riley met Ernie through his prison Bible study, which led to Eric's conversion to Christianity. He also learned several skills in the machine shop in the prison, which would come in handy later. There was a point before Where's Your Daddy? that Julie stopped bringing Eric and Brooke to see Ernie, and she was considering divorcing Ernie because she thought he would never change.

While he didn't appear in Where's Your Daddy?, he was mentioned and sent gifts to Brooke and Eric through Tom, which he made in the prison machine shop.

He's mentioned again in Like Father, Like Son and A Game of Compassion before making his only appearance in Forgive Us as We Forgive. In the episode, he is released on parole, but Eric has problems adjusting to Ernie's return. Ernie gets a temporary job at Whit's End before getting a job at Eric's school as janitor. He and Eric get in an argument upon this revelation, and Whit is able to bring Eric to terms with the fact that Eric hasn't forgiven his father for going to jail in the first place, and needs to. He and Ernie then reconcile.

Though Brooke and Eric made further appearances in the show, Ernie does not appear, nor is he mentioned in further episodes of the series.


Ernie married to Julie Myers and had two known children: Eric and Brooke.


Ernie Myers is voiced by Joe Campanella, has appeared in 1 episode.

Ernie Myers has been mentioned in 3 episodes.