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Information.png Gregory (a) is one of 1,786 characters who have only appeared in one episode. Not much information may be available about him or her.

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Gregory is a character in the Room of Consequence adventure taken in "Gloobers" who gave his life to the Master Brain. He was thrown into the detention cell for telling the brain "he'd never get a head in life." He sounds old (in his 80s) when he is actually 12 years old. He shares his story with Jared DeWhite and Dwayne Oswald when they enter the game and are thrown into his cell, warning them about the danger of spending too much time playing games. When the boys escape, Gregory remains behind but asks them to share his story with their friends as a warning.


Gregory (a): When you waste your time, you waste your life.

#415: “Gloobers”


Gregory (a) has appeared in 1 episode, has been voiced by 2 actors, and has received an average user rating of 86%.

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