Freedom Run

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Freedom Run
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September 1996
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Dark Passage Freedom Run The Stranger's Message


"Go back? We've got to be out of our minds," I heard Jack say thoughtfully.

The door to the Imagination Station whooshed shut, enclosing us in the machine. I'm Matt Booker. Jack Davis is a good friend - the best, especially since he's willing to go back with me. Let me explain.

We knew we weren't supposed to be nosing around... but earlier, Jack and I were in Whit's basement workshop, checking out The Imagination Station, when the craziest thing happened. All of a sudden, we were back in 1858! Cool? Not exactly. We're talking pre-Civil War here - before "emancipation," when slaves were given their freedom. If only I had paid more attention in history class!

Anyway, to make a long story short (you can read all about it in Dark Passage, "Adventures in Odyssey" book #9), I had been captured by slave traders, and it was up to Jack to find me, in fact. In fact, I had just promised Eveline, a runaway slave, that I would help her find her father, Clarence, when - bam! - Jack and I were instantly back in Whit's basement. Well, I couldn't break my word to Eveline, so Jack agreed to return with me to help her and Clarence make their way to freedom along the Underground Railroad.

I sure hope we can fix everything, though... and quick! Well in Dark Passage, we argued it was a stupid idea to argue!