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Hello patrons of AIOWiki! I'm Leonardmeltsner: a huge Odyssey fan, holder of the record for longest continuous time listening to Adventures in Odyssey, at 46 hours, and 28 minutes, and the co-host of the Adventures in Odyssey Oddcast. My goal with editing AIOWiki to expand the stubs on this site until at least half of them (830 will be my set number) have been eliminated through expansion. This may take a while, but I my obsession for Odyssey compels me to help with the valiant effort accomplished here!


When I was too young to remember, I got a few Chick-fil-A sampler tapes from relatives who picked them up in the states. I would listen to these many, many times. They were Suspicious Minds, Gifts for Madge and Guy, This is Chad Pearson?, and Back to Bethlehem. As I got older, my parents decided to get my sister and I an album of Odyssey, and purchased the latest album at the time: Album 38: Battle Lines. Needless to say, I was frightened out of my mind for a 7-year-old. Shortly after, my parents got Album 39: Friends, Family, and Countrymen for us. I listened to those same 12 episodes for many years, and eventually received more Odyssey albums, until I realized that I was hooked. In only a few short years, I've pooled my own money, as well as birthday and Christmas wish lists to complete my collection of all the albums, as well some other Odyssey paraphernalia.

Adventures in Odyssey Marathon Extravaganza

In July of 2011, I attempted a 72-hour marathon of AIO to raise money for charity. Threads on the ToO dealing with this event can be found here and here. I was also interviewed for my local paper here. The Adventures in Odyssey Blogcast later interviewed me about the fundraiser here. In the end, I set what is most likely the world record for longest continuous listening to AIO at 46 hours and 28 minutes. I raised over 2300$ for my Youth group, and for emergency relief in Haiti.

Adventures in Odyssey Blogcast

Due to my Marathon Fundraiser, I was interviewed by Austin Peachey for the Adventures in Odyssey Blogcast, with my sister, to talk about my history with Odyssey and about the fundraiser. Afterwards, I became good friends with Austin, and have since appeared several times on the podcast, including:

  • Writing and singing three songs about Odyssey sagas, spoofing Broadway songs
  • Acting in an un-aired Christmas episode
  • Reviewing "The Labyrinth, Parts 1-3", "The Lost Riddle", and "Groundhog Jay" with Austin, Tasha, and Victoria
  • Singing in a "12 Days of Christmas" Odyssey spoof
  • Acting as Limpalong Cassidy, Oliver Reynolds, and small uncredited lines in the "Skye Weldon" sketch

After the end of the Blogcast, I also worked with the Peachey's on "An Odyssey Date Night".

Adventures in Odyssey Oddcast

The Adventures in Odyssey Oddcast is an AIO fan video podcast run from YouTube, created by myself and my younger sister, Victoria. After the Blogcast ended, I began to feel the void in the fandom it left in its wake, and reconsidered Victoria's past nagging about starting our own podcast together. On July 14th, 2014, the first episode of the Oddcast went online on YouTube. We continued to release episodes at an overall schedule of one per week until the end of 2014, when we announced at the end of episode 25 that we would be switching to a bi-weekly schedule due to business in both our lives. The general broadcasting schedule of the Oddcast is a 2-episode review alternated with an episode which may cover a variety of topics from a discussion on a fandom theme or topic, to a headcanon explanation, to a fan/cast/crew interview. Links for all Oddcast locations are on the main article page.


I have a younger sister, Victoria, who is almost as obsessed with AIO as I am, but is more obsessed than me with The Ceiling Fan. Together, we run the Oddcast. Both of us are AIO trivia buffs, and enjoy passing time by making inside Odyssey jokes in conversations with people, reciting entire scenes back and forth, and general Odyssey-related discussion.

Stubs Eliminated

The following is a list of stubs which I have expanded to the point that they are no longer stubs, but regular articles. Obviously, some of these are not very large, but are no longer stubs as they have been expanded as much as possible.