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Carter Braxton
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Carter is a security guard for the Odyssey Mall. He had been watching Donna Barclay and Rachael Woodworth for a lot longer than they probably wished. Later, he confronted the girls as they were leaving the mall, and politely asked them if he could see the contents of their purses. Donna immediately handed hers over, and, after he checked her purse, Carter gave it back to her and thanked her for being so cooperative. However, Rachael had a spiteful attitude when she gave her purse to him, and remarked that Carter would do great work for the Russian police. Carter remarked that he was just doing his job. Then he noticed the earrings inside Rachael's purse, and remarked that Rachael carried a lot of jewelry for a little girl, and asked her if she needed all those earrings. Donna was shocked. Carter said that they looked familiar, and then told the two girls to come with him. Rachael told him to let go, and then took off, calling to Donna to come with her. But Donna stayed where she was.

Donna later told Rachael that Carter had talked to her for an hour, and she had suggested that if Rachael didn't want to return the earrings, Donna would pay for them herself.


He is a good, no-nonsense type of guy. He also likes people who are cooperative, as he thanked Donna after she gave him her purse so he could check its contents.


Carter Braxton: Thank you. What's your name?
Donna Barclay: I'm Donna, Donna Barclay.
Rachael Woodworth: Don't tell him your name!
Donna Barclay: Come on, Rachael. You should do what he says.

#65: “Bad Company”


Carter Braxton is voiced by Bob Luttrell, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 92%.