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Updates all Around
April 27, 2010
There's a whole host of AIO news today, first up there is a new book series being written by Paul McCusker and Marianne Hering about the Imagination Station, the books are aimed at children in the age range of 6-9, there will be two books this fall followed by 2 more books next spring.

Next up is some information about something new that's coming with future AIO albums, the Family fun panel. For each release/rerelease Brock and Diane will be with a family trying to complete a certain task. Each album has a different challenge and you must buy the album to get the instructions for it. If you complete the challenge, and you let Focus know, you can get a button that has the album name on it a picture and what the challenge was. The challenge in album 3 is based off the episode "Karen" and involves writing a letter or a card to someone who is hospitalized or in a nursing home. Album 4 is building a volcano like Robyn and Oscar, and the Lost episodes will be something to do with a family heritage book.

Also there is a new sampler album coming out in February 2011 called Mystery, it will feature the Jones and Parker Detecive agency, we don't know what episodes will be included yet but when we do, we'll let you know.

An upcoming podcast will feature a Q and A with the actors behind the Parker Family, if you want to submit a question leave it in the comments here.

Lastly, what you've all been waiting for, some news on Album 52, we've learned that there will be a Thanksgiving episode as well as a Christmas episode (both single part episodes). Also few detail of the cover have also come to light, the cover for album 52 will feature 3 characters in a clock tower, trying to stop something... What is this something? You'll just have to keep listening to find out.

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