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Madge (a)
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Madge is a fictional character voiced by Chris Anthony in a story told by Whit. In the story, Madge was so in love with her husband, Guy, that she sold her hair to get him a Christmas present.


Her husband was Guy.


Madge (a): Your face! What is it?
Guy: Oh, it's just this thing I keep on the front of my head. You know, a couple of eyes, a nose, a mouth...

#5: “Gifts for Madge and Guy”

Madge (a): Guy, are you up to something?
Guy: Why would you say that?
Madge (a): Well, you look so tired all the time. You still can't sleep through the night. Last night you said you had to get up to take a walk. What is it?
Guy: It's this thing I do with my legs to get from one place to another.

#869: “B-TV: Idolatry”

Guy: Come on, I've got a few cents left over! Let's go down to that little place on the corner and split a child's portion, diet-mini-cheeseburger!
Madge (a): Mmmm!

#5: “Gifts for Madge and Guy”

Ethel (a): It's right here in the want ads.
Madge (a): Want ads?
Ethel (a): No thank you, I've got some right here.

#5: “Gifts for Madge and Guy”

Madge (a): Is this Pop's Top Notch Top Shop?
Pop: Nice delivery.

#5: “Gifts for Madge and Guy”

Ethel (a): Why Madge darling! Are you crying? What is it?
Madge (a): It's when your face gets all red and tears run down your cheeks.
Ethel (a): No, no, dear. I mean, what's the matter?
Madge (a): You mean besides the fact that it's Christmas Eve and I haven't done any shopping and even if I did I couldn't buy what I want because what I want is something really special and all the money I have in the world is one dollar and eighty-seven cents?
Ethel (a): Yeah, besides that!
Madge (a): Nothing!

#5: “Gifts for Madge and Guy”


Madge (a) is voiced by Chris Anthony, has appeared in 2 episodes.