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Captain Absolutely
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Captain Absolutely is a comic-book character created by Wooton Bassett in TTC02: The Truth Be Told. He started out as a librarian named Josiah King. His friend Darren Gray (later to become Dr. Relative) accidentally blew up the computer. Josiah, having been thrown in the explosion, found the Bible. Having never seen one, (it having been banned from the hands of the people by the local government), Josiah was full of curiosity, and started to read it. That night he gave his life to the Lord. Being affected by the fumes from the explosion, he gained the ability to fly and super strength. He became the super hero Captain Absolutely. After that he faced several villains defying God and the truth to get what they want. However with the truth he always won.


Captain Absolutely was partially created to replace Power Boy, who was another one of Wooton's comic-book characters. When looking into creating comic strip for Power Boy - presumably in Clubhouse Magazine-, the Odyssey team found out that Power Boy was actually the name of a real life comic book. Wanting to stay above reproach, the Odyssey team decided to drop the character of Power Boy altogether. They later created a Captain Absolutely comic strip for Clubhouse. In the end, the Odyssey team said they were happy with the decision because they felt like Captain Absolutely gave them more potential themes and stories than Power Boy did.


Captain Absolutely: I know the significance of a particular spot 3 inches down from his left arm-pit.
Thug Clockripper: Oh?!
Captain Absolutely: It's where he's most ticklish!

#669: “Wooton's Broken Pencil Show”

Thug Clockripper: With the push of this button on my remote control a giant projectile pencil will be launched at the giant balloon. And the deed will be done. Ready? Just say the magic word.
Captain Absolutely: STOP!!
Thug Clockripper: That's the one!

#669: “Wooton's Broken Pencil Show”

Captain Absolutely: Mr. Whittaker? Mr. Whittaker! I'm sorry, I can't seem to get back to my Wooton voice!

#726: “Push the Red Button”

Captain Absolutely: Mr. Whittaker? Mr. Whittaker! I'm sorry, I can't seem to get back to my Wooton voice!

#???: “Push the Red Button (Live)”


Captain Absolutely is voiced by Jess Harnell, has appeared in 6 episodes, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with Captain Absolutely}}%.

Captain Absolutely has been mentioned in 5 episodes.