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Hugh is a main character and the villain in The Imagination Station (Book Series) books #1 - #6.


Hugh is a conniving, deceitful man from 1450's England that hopped through time trying to change history until cousins Patrick and Beth stopped him.


Hugh, or Master Hugh as he was called in 1450's England, was the steward of Lord Darkthorn, a very rich an important man during that time period, and his castle. He was a supporter of the House of Lancaster, thus being a traitor to Lord Darkthorn, who was a supporter of the House of York. For a while, he was stealing Lord Darkthorn's treasures, (he was a collector), and blaming it on Albert, a cousin of Mr. Whittaker, who was the caretaker of Lord Darkthorn's treasures. When Hugh was discovered for who he really was, a traitor, he took the Whittaker family ring, which could summon the Imagination Station, and escaped through time. He visited the Philistines in Showdown with the Shepherd, building a catapult, which had not been invented in that time period, to help the Philistines defeat and enslave Israel, and stole a musket from Plymouth Plantation in Problems in Plymouth to enslave England when he went back to his time. When he went back to his time, Patrick and Beth took the musket while he was senseless, (the Imagination Station evokes feelings of nausea which he wasn't used to), and was captured by Sir Andrew and his squire, who took him to Lord Darkthorn, where he was judged guilty of his crimes and locked in Darkthorn's tower.