The Gold Audio Series

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The Gold Audio album banner.

The Gold Audio Series is a 16-album re-release series that includes albums that were previously released on cassette only. Each collection in the series had bonus features (produced by Nathan Hoobler) and some had never-before released episodes. Eventually the albums were repackaged without the Gold Audio Series label as part of Album art changes.



01front-gold.jpg 02front-gold.jpg 03front-gold.jpg 04front-gold.jpg
#1: The Adventure Begins #2: Stormy Weather #3: Heroes #4: The FUN-damentals
05front-gold.jpg 06front-gold.jpg 07front-gold.jpg 08front-gold.jpg
#5: Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes #6: Mission: Accomplished #7: On Thin Ice #8: Beyond Expectations
09front-gold.jpg 10front-gold.jpg 11front-gold.jpg 12front-gold.jpg
#9: Just in Time #10: Other Times, Other Places #11: It's Another Fine Day... #12: At Home and Abroad
13front-gold.jpg 14front-gold.jpg 15front-gold.jpg LEfront-gold.jpg
#13: It All Started When... #14: Meanwhile, in Another Part of Town #15: A Place of Wonder The Lost Episodes

Previously Unreleased Episodes

The Gold Audio Series has a number of previously unreleased episodes. This includes the episodes of The Lost Episodes.