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Full Speed Ahead
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Though camp may be over, your adventures continue. Growing deeper in your relationship with Jesus is the most amazing adventure ever, and we're so happy you're on this special two-week journey of imagination, excitement and discovery. Listen to each of the episodes below and read the devotion that goes with it in the after-camp booklet you received. You never know what will happen when you go on an adventure in Odyssey – so full speed ahead!


  • Released as test with several Christian Camps in Colorado to help grow campers
  • Provides Bible Verse References but not the actual verse (this may be because different camps use different Bible Versions)
  • Released Digitally on the AIOC in July 2018

Free Episodes

Day 1: Camp What-a-Nut (Part 1)
Day 2: Camp What-a-Nut (Part 2)
Day 3: The Tangled Web
Day 4: The Prodigal, Jimmy
Day 5: A Matter of Obedience
Day 6: And When You Pray
Day 7: The Boy Who Didn't Go to Church
Day 8: The Greatest of These
Day 9: Let This Mind be in You
Day 10: Where There's a Will...
Day 11: You Gotta be Wise
Day 12: All by Myself
Day 13: The Imagination Station (Part 1)
Day 14: The Imagination Station (Part 2)