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Brad Dillard
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A kid who loves the radio and starts Kids' Radio. Brad is also known as Big Brad. Even though Brad worked really hard on Kids' Radio it was closed down temporarily at the end because nobody would help. Brad still worked on the radio after Kids' Radio was closed down temporarily for Ralph Adams on Odyssey 102.

He is also known to be the president of his class in his school.


Brad's father works on a radio station in Connellsville. His grandfather used to be a producer in New York. Brad also mentioned having an unnamed mother.


Brad Dillard: Why don't the other kids see you are such a nice guy?
Sherman (b): I don’t know. I guess nobody got close enough to notice.

#36: “Kids' Radio”

John Whittaker: Radio's changed a lot since I was a kid, that's for sure.
Brad Dillard: You had radio when you were a kid?

#36: “Kids' Radio”


Brad Dillard is voiced by Donald Long, has appeared in 4 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 84.8%.

Brad Dillard has been mentioned in 3 episodes.