The Great Escape

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Michael made a wrong choice when he dismantled the Safety Protocols. Now, he and Mandy Straussberg are racing to escape from the inside of a computer — a computer controlled by the brilliant Seepi Yu.

At first, Seepi Yu is friendly and invites them to play the latest games he’s developing. But things take a turn when Mandy exposes Seepi Yu’s real plot. Now, the two friends must maneuver through a maze of computer games, while trying to escape Seepi Yu.

Travel through a topsy-turvy computer world where you challenge destructive computer viruses, harmful spam and Seepi Yu himself. Through six fast-action arcade games and one logic challenge, help Mandy and Michael take back control of the computer and make “The Great Escape.”


This video game was a vast improvement over the first Adventures in Odyssey video game, 3-D CD-ROM. It is also the most recent of the Odyssey computer games.


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