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Official Podcast 116
March 09, 2011
We’re ready to release Album 53: The Green Ring Conspiracy! Watch this video and celebrate with Bob and Jesse as they take us behind the scenes of Album 53! See Jesse’s one on one interview with Zach Callison, be introduced to our new characters and actors, and watch just how busy Jesse is when he visits California!

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Premiere of The Green Ring Conspiracy!
March 12, 2011
Today is the long awaited season premiere of Album 53. For the next twelve weeks you can tune in online or over the airwaves and join as Whit and the gang as they try to stop the Green Ring. The saga starts with "The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 1".

A plane crashes in Gower's Field and both Emily and Matthew make surprising discoveries nearby. Meanwhile, both Whit and Wally Haggler meet friends from the past.

After you've heard the episode, come back here to rate the episodes and fill any details that may be missing on the episode page.

If you like this episode, it's still available as a free download here. You can also buy the whole album from Christian Book.

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March 15, 2011
Our friends at the Odyssey Scoop are holding their second annual ScoopYourself contest, the top 3 entries will receive a copy of Album 53 see here for full contest details. Hurry though, contests end tomorrow.

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March 16, 2011
In the last few weeks there have been a couple of new interviews released. First up is Audio Theatre Central's interview with Paul McCusker. In it they discuss album 53, 54 55 and even 56, be sure to tune in for a glimpse at what's coming up in the albums ahead. Unfortunately ATC's website seems to be down but you can check out the relevant part of the interview here.
Secondly the AIO Blogcast has released part 1 of an epic interview with Phil Lollar, they cover a broad range of questions ranging from the birth of the show, Blackgaard, the split episodes, a spin-off show and many more. You can check it out here.

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Imagination Station Contest
March 17, 2011
Our friends at Tyndale are having a contests where you can win copies of the first books of the new Imagination Station series, for full contest details check out their page here
In other news about the series the title of the 5th book has been announced to be Showdown with the Shepherd, the cover has also been released and can be seen to the right. Showdown with the Shepard was written by Brock Eastman and features the story of David and Goliath. It's due out in stores this summer.

blog comments powered by DisqusA host of smaller updates

March 18, 2011
There's a whole bunch up updates today

  1. The art for the cover of Album 54 can be seen by going to the official site and solving a puzzle, you can do this here
  2. All of the episodes of the The Truth Chronicles are now available from the Focus download store, we've added in links to buy them from our pages as normal.
  3. The Canadian download site is now open, they only have complete albums up for sale, but they're priced at $14.99/album and have Album 53 available
  4. The ScoopYourself contest at the Odyssey Scoop has been extended till next week.

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The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 2
March 19, 2011
Today our journey into the 12 part Green Ring Conspiracy continues with part 2.

Whit discovers that his visitor has a secret job that seems to be related to the backpack of money that Emily found. Matthew and Nelson get a surprise call from people with an interest in the Appleberry phone.

After you've heard the episode, come back here to rate the episodes and help fill any details that may be missing on the episode page.

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Blackgaard Chronicles
March 22, 2011
Some new details of the upcoming Blackgaard Chronicles release have been discovered, it has 10 CD's containing 30 episodes. It's currently due out in September 2011 for a suggested price of $40, here's the description.

Evil has a name and it’s Dr. Regis Blackgaard! The small town of Odyssey will never be the same! When a man named Dr. Regis Blackgaard arrives to build an “amusement house for kids,” chaos and danger follow him. A top-secret government computer program is unleashed at Whit’s End. Tom Riley’s barn burns to the ground. And that’s just the beginning of the schemes that Dr. Blackgaard has planned for Odyssey and John Avery Whittaker.

Follow the ever-twisting story in The Blackgaard Chronicles, a collection of thirty episodes following Whit’s greatest nemesis. Along the way, the folks in Odyssey learn lessons about God’s protection, sacrifice, forgiveness, salvation, and more. Once you start the story with “A Bite of Applesauce,” you won’t want to stop listening until you hear the dramatic conclusion. The Blackgaard Chronicles contains 30 episodes on 10 CDs. Over 13 hours of entertainment.

blog comments powered by DisqusAlbum 54

March 23, 2011
Yesterday we found info about Blackgaard Chronicles today we're back with some new info about Album 54. It's currently scheduled for an October 2011 release, here's the product description.

Twelve all-new entertaining and character-building episodes based on 1 Corinthians 13. The album will teach kids what authentic agape love is and how to express that love to others. Featuring secret word/code access to new content on and a fold-out Whit’s End map.

Album 54 is currently available for preorder on and The Blackgaard Chronicles is also available here. Keep checking back for more information on these two exciting collections as it becomes available.

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Official Podcast 117
March 24, 2011
Cristina Pucelli chats with Bob and Jesse about voicing Emily Jones, how she got started in acting, and more. Want to give us a story about Adventures in Odyssey or review a recent episode? Call our new Adventures in Odyssey Comment Line at 855-784-WHIT. (Always make sure that you have your parent’s permission before you call!)

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Upcoming Books
March 25, 2011
Earlier this week we brought you news of the upcoming Album 54 and the Blackgaard Chronicles and today we're bringing you news on three upcoming AIO books.
First is the summary for Showdown with the Shepherd:

The key to adventure lies within your imagination! Cousins Patrick and Beth go to the Holy Land in the tenth century BC. Their goal is to get back the ring Hugh stole and return him to 1450s England where he belongs. But troubles await them as soon as they step out of the Imagination Station. First they meet an angry bear and later an angry giant. Set against the backdrop of the David and Goliath story, the cousins learn that having a giant faith is more important than having a giant on your side.

Showdown with the Shepard is written by Brock Eastman and is currently scheduled for an October 2011 release, you can preorder it from
Following that book is book 6 in the The Imagination Station series it's titled Problems in Plymouth, here's the description:

The Imagination Station Adventures continue! Patrick and Beth’s next adventure leads them to Plymouth Plantation in 1621. There they meet William Bradford, Miles Standish, and Chief Massasoit, who are trying to establish peace between the Pilgrims and the Indians. Things are anything but peaceful, however, when a musket is stolen and the Pilgrims conclude the Indians are planning war. Only Patrick and Beth know who the real thief is—the traitor Hugh—and it’s up to the cousins to find him and stop him from causing trouble. When the cousins hear a gunshot during the first Thanksgiving feast, their worst fears are realized. They rush to the Mayflower and try to set right history, even as Hugh desperately tries to change it.

Problems in Plymouth will also be released in October of this year and can also be preordered from
The last book we have news on is the Kidsboro Omni book, it's titled The Fight for Kidsboro and consists of the 4 previously released Kidsboro books, here's the description for it:

Kidsboro is a small town in the woods behind Whit’s End in Odyssey. It’s a nice little place. It has a church, a store, a police station, a bakery, a weekly newspaper . . . and a total of zero citizens over the age of 14. It’s a town run by kids. Ryan Cummings, the mayor, helps enforce the laws, create new job opportunities, and in general, keep the peace in a town where he seems to have lots of friends and only a few enemies. The Kidsboro series teaches not only moral and biblical principles, but also concepts of government, politics, economic principles, the judicial system, United States history, and Bible stories. The Fight for Kidsboro is a compilation of the 4 books from this popular series.

This book is also due on in October and can be preordered here

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The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 3
March 26, 2011
Today our journey into the 12 part Green Ring Conspiracy continues with part 3.

Connie begins her art class at Campbell College and meets Penny Wise. Buck Oliver applies for a job at Whit's End and Whit searches for his missing grandson.

After you've heard the episode, come back here to rate the episodes and help fill any details that may be missing on the episode page.

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blog comments powered by DisqusPhil Lollar Interview, Part 2

March 31, 2011
The AIO Blogcast has released part 2 of their interview with Phil Lollar, you can check it out here.
In other news the episode schedule for May has been released.

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