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Armitage Shanks
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Mr. Armitage Shanks, Katrina's father, was a very rich man, and board member of Andromeda.

He was against Katrina seeing Euguene in Album 24: Risks and Rewards the episode Turning Point. Later he was involved in the plan to take over the world, although he didn't know their intentions. Soon after a board meeting he was killed by a brain tumor, or so it seemed. The Chairman actually murdered him in a discreet way because he knew, or figured out, too much regarding the Launch Date.


  • Armitage Shanks is the name of a British manufacturer of bathroom fixtures and plumbing supplies.


Eugene Meltsner: I'd rather not take up any more of your valuable time, sir.
Armitage Shanks: This is my daughter's life you're affecting; we have all the time I want. Come on.
Eugene Meltsner: Yes, sir.

“The Right Choice, Part 2”

Armitage Shanks: I'm sorry, Eugene, but we're men. Let's call a spade a spade.
Eugene Meltsner: Mr. Shanks, had I given Katrina a shovel, then yes, we could call a spade a spade. As it is, we're discussing rings.

“Wrapped Around Your Finger”

Eugene Meltsner: You're making a terrible mistake, Mr. Shanks! You can't let this marriage happen!
Armitage Shanks: I can't? You disapprove of me marrying my wife?

“The Right Choice, Part 1”


Armitage Shanks has appeared in 6 episodes, has been voiced by 2 actors, and has received an average user rating of 92.8%.

All (6)  · Brian Cummings (2002)  · Bernard Erhard (1995-1998)