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Hand Up
Board Chairman
Type of Organization


Hand Up is a charity organization founded and operated by Eugene Meltsner. According to him, the purpose is to help people help others.

The organization's original name was P.L.E.A.S.E. (Philanthropic Loving Enterprises of Altruistic Services for Everyone), during which Eugene tried hiring himself out to do various jobs for others after he was inspired by helping Grady McKay. The organization was renamed Manus Sursum, which means hand up (or more literally, hand lifted) in Latin. The organization was from then on referred to as Hand Up, much to Eugene’s dismay.


  • Since it last appeared in The Undeniable Truth and since Eugene and Katrina Meltsner have moved onto other professions (Professor at Campbell College and substitute teacher respectively) it can be assumed that Hand Up has either been discontinued or has been taken over by other individuals. This is an example of the Timothy Center Effect. Although it has not been seen in action since the undeniable truth it has been mentioned in the ties that bind part eight.