Jill Segler

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Jill Segler
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Whit thought up the idea of Kidsboro, where Jill was the newspaper editor, after Career Day was a bust. Jill was one of the first 4 citizens (or 5 if you count Pete) of Kidsboro. She demonstrated how far she was willing to go to find the truth when she drove Ryan Cummings into resignation then was able to convince Nelson Swanson into wearing a wire to clear his name and expose his sister Valerie Swanson scheme to takeover Kidsboro.


Any family she may have is unknown.

Facts about Her[edit]

  • Jill was the newspaper editor for Kidsboro, a town with no adults allowed unless permission was granted.
  • Jill works for Whit's newspaper. (Truth be told)


Jill Segler is voiced by Kelly Stables, has appeared in 7 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 91.8%.