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Kelly Stables
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Episode Characters Played 2
Episode Appearances 46
Podcast Appearances 3
Documentary Appearances 1



Kelly Stables has played one minor character, Jill Segler, and is now voicing the voice of Olivia Parker replacing Hope Levy.

Work Besides Odyssey

As a child, Kelly lived in St. Louis Missouri. During her teenage summers, Kelly worked at Scoop-de-doo Ice Cream Shop and went to Lafayette High School where she was voted "Most School Spirit" and Prom Queen. Kelly also participated in Jazz-ma-tazz show choir, cheerleading, and theatre. During March of 2000, Kelly decided to move to Los Angeles, where she began her voice acting career. As an adult she once played in a T.V show called "Malibu Dan the Family Man"


Characters Played

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Kelly Stables has acted in 46 episodes with an average rating of 87.3%
Kelly Stables has voiced 2 characters
    Kelly Stables has appeared in 3 podcasts
    Kelly Stables has appeared in 1 documentary