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Hi, I am an Odyssey fan who is on a mission to make the information on this website as complete and helpful as possible. I am glad that there is a website in which I can be the editor of. I have all the odyssey albums and I have listened to every episode repeatedly. The reason for the user name is that I have the same kind of personality as the character, Ryan Cummings in Odyssey. My name is even Ryan. I am also on the Town of Odyssey as the same username.

I hope to be as useful as I can be on this website and to be able to help people with any question that they might have.


I was introduced to Odyssey by my mom. She came from a family that really enjoyed AIO. So one day, when I was bored and being a pest, she dusted off the only Odyssey album we had and had me listen to it. I enjoyed the first episode I heard, Connie Comes to Town, so my mom let me listen to the rest of the episodes. Over the years, I accumulated more albums. By now, I have all the albums #1 through the latest set. I have listened to all the episodes repeatedly and can answer nearly any trivia on the subject.

My podcast

In my spare time, I like to record and produce an AIO podcast called the World Famous Odyssey Podcast, or for short, the Wod-Fam-Od-Pod. So, check it out here

My AIO Wiki work

My usual AIO work includes,

  • Completing character info
  • Uploading character pictures
  • Answering Odyssey questions
  • Participate in Town Hall discussions

Sometimes, I do other work but this is the work I do most often.

Recomended Epiodes for Beginners

I definetly recommend Whit's Flop as the first episode to listen to. In fact, if I could do it over again, I would listen to all the episodes in order. Unfortunatley, I can't. I heard the albums completely out of order and, in the case of the episode series, I was confused and didn't know what was going on.

Favorite Episodes

My favorite episodes are, Connie, The Time Has Come and all episodes in The Novacom Saga, The Blackgaard Chronicles and The Green Ring Conspiracy. I also enjoy Barclay episodes.


Random Quote

David Harley: Okay, I'll whistle for him. <shouting> Yoo-hoo! Scott!
“The Quality of Mercy”