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Blu Jay
Joined December 21, 2011
User ID 733

I've been coming here a lot lately, so I thought I'd help out where I could.
My user name is a combination of blu (different spelling of blue) and Jay (Jay Smouse) It spells BluJay. (In case you didn't notice.)


I currently own (or have access to):
Album 2: Stormy Weather
Album 13: It All Started When...
Album 28: Welcome Home!
Album 37: Countermoves
Album 38: Battle Lines
Album 39: Friends, Family, and Countrymen
Album 43: Along for the Ride
Album 44: Eugene Returns!
Bible Eyewitness: Old Testament

What I'm Currently Working On

Clearing out the lonely pages.
Clearing out the deadend pages.
General fact checking.
Spelling and grammar correction.




Looks like there's nothing here yet. I'll have to figure out how to make them.