The Jimmy Barclay Show

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The Jimmy Barclay Show was Jimmy Barclay's eponymous Kids' Radio broadcast. Though he began his show innocently, a meeting with disc jockey Brian Dern caused Jimmy to attempt to record secret conversations in order to broadcast them and make the conversers look ridiculous. He then recorded an embarrassing conversation between Whit and Eugene Meltsner in which Eugene tells Whit that he failed his driver's test and thus does not have a license. Jimmy soon broadcast clips of that conversation on air, and Whit shut him off, scolding him for what he did. Later, Jimmy hears Brian Dern on the radio making fun of him. It turns out that Dern recorded his and Jimmy's conversation as well. Later, Whit goes to Dern's station. Dern thinks Whit will scold him but instead Whit thanks him for teaching Jimmy a good lesson the hard way, whether he meant to or not.