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Percival Fenwick
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Percival Fenwick was the manager of Odyssey Bank around the 1940's who later retired to his home on Chatwick Hill.

Fenwick had an affection for African relics and gathered quite a collection of them in his home.


Around 1946 there was a bank robbery at the Odyssey Bank. For years, it was unknown that Fenwick himself was an inside man on the job, having planned the entire robbery and cut the alarm wire while Alfred Myers performed the actual robbery; Myers also used Fenwick's blow darts on Ralph Howards, who was a police rookie at the time and walking by on his rounds. Fenwick never actually got his share of the money because it was put in a location unknown to him: the basement of the Fillmore Recreation Center, which later became Whit's End.

Fenwick was eventually exposed as the mastermind of the bank robbery when the skeleton of Spencer Barfield, who was shot by Myers after the robbery, was discovered in Whit's End by John Whittaker and Tom Riley. Whit, Tom and Tom's great-niece Jami Martin were able to solve the mystery and locate the money in the basement of Whit's End, at which point Fenwick revealed his role in the robbery and demanded the money be returned to him. Only by the intervention of Miss Barfield, Spencer's sister, was Fenwick foiled.

According to Howards, Fenwick would spend time in Statesville Prison for his crimes.


He has two deceased parents who left him his home on Chatwick Hill.


Percival Fenwick is voiced by Walker Edmiston, has appeared in 3 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 91%.