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Maureen Hodges
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Maureen is very passionate about both education and moral integrity. Her motherly instincts also drive her passion to see her son Lawrence grow up to be the best man he can be.



Is Lawrence Hodges mother. Her husband, Lieutenant Joe Hodges is in the navy and isn't home much.


Maureen Hodges: It doesn't matter who wrote it, if it's wrong.

#308: “Subject Yourself”

Maureen Hodges: Your behavior has been terrible! You've been surly, ornery and rude!
Lawrence Hodges: Four more and you'll have the seven dwarves.

#230: “Our Father”

Maureen Hodges: We're not suggesting that the curriculum be changed; we're suggesting that the board drop the curriculum completely.
Anita Clair: On what grounds?
Maureen Hodges: On the grounds that you have a seven-page, single-spaced list of errors in front of you.

#308: “Subject Yourself”

Lawrence Hodges: But I don't like science, Mom! In fact I hate science! I'd rather have splinters pushed under my toenails, and South African killer bees cover my whole body than do any more science homework!
Maureen Hodges: That can be arranged.

#264: “Making the Grade”

Maureen Hodges: Don't you see what's happening here? We're opening the door for the kind of education that suppresses children's understanding, not releases it! It's a viewpoint that limits their grasp of the thoughts and philosophies that made us what we are as a nation. This curriculum isn't a balanced look at events, but someone's agenda! It isn't trying to teach history; it's trying to indoctrinate. It's doing what we used to accuse the Communists or the Nazis of doing with their history books—altering or ignoring facts in order to push a particular perspective on students!

#308: “Subject Yourself”

Maureen Hodges: Are you crazy running in front of me like that? I could've hit you!
Harlow Doyle: I'm sorry about that ma'am. Harlow Doyle, private eye, here. I thought you might want to know that the city is under attack!
Maureen Hodges: What?
Harlow Doyle: You'd better grab your water pistols and run for the hills! The aliens are coming! The aliens are coming! Warn your neighbors and your friends and maybe even a few distant acquaintances. The aliens are coming! The aliens are coming!

#248: “Terror from the Skies”


Maureen Hodges is voiced by Janet Waldo, has appeared in 7 episodes, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with Maureen Hodges}}%.

Maureen Hodges has been mentioned in 5 episodes.