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Information.png Marco Dibiasi is one of 777 characters who have appeared in fewer than six episodes. Not much information may be available about him or her.

Marco Dibiasi
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Marco Dibiasi is an Italian cook who worked at Camp What-A-Nut for a while. At camp he was trying to learn English through immersion, and often talked to Whit about some of the English puns he saw in the newspaper. He also had several run-ins with Chas Wentworth when he showed that he wasn't intimidated by the fact his father was basically his employer. Ned Lewis also talked to him about what to do about the situation he was in with Gloria McCoy when Chas came in with the skunk that he'd try to lock into Marco's cabin as payback for humiliating him. Afterwards, Marco gave Chas a tomato juice bath, and they came to an understanding.


He has a family in Italy and was last trying to earn enough money to bring them to America.


Marco Dibiasi: N.L + G.M. Oh, those are nice initi'.
Ned Lewis: Those are my initi'!

#38: “Camp What-A-Nut, Part 2”

Ned Lewis: Well, she told me when she was making this that it was something for her true love!
Marco Dibiasi: Eh! That's a'wonderful! Congratulations!
Ned Lewis: No! It's not a'wonderful!

#38: “Camp What-A-Nut, Part 2”

Marco Dibiasi: You know what my poppa used to say, "Marco, if you're gonna go out for revenge, you'd better dig two graves."

#38: “Camp What-A-Nut, Part 2”

Marco Dibiasi: And another thing that don’t make sense, I read a big headline: “Employee Arrested When $50,000 Found Missing”. Now, how could it be found if it was a missing?!

#37: “Camp What-A-Nut, Part 1”

Marco Dibiasi: Another said "New! Grandma's Old Fashioned Cookies." Now how can it be 'old fashioned' if it's brand new?!?!?

#37: “Camp What-A-Nut, Part 1”


Marco Dibiasi is voiced by Will Ryan, has appeared in 2 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 90%.