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The Lucy Who? goof -- It's Lucy Cunningham, er, Lucy Schultz, er...Lucy Cunningham-Schultz. The Lucy Who? debate is probably the second biggest Odyssey goof. So what is Lucy's last name and how does it match up with her history? Find out below.

For episodes after this, Lucy was alternatively referred to as Lucy Schultz or Lucy Cunningham-Schultz. In fact in #233: “Thy Will Be Done”, Lucy tells Mr. Ginnsmore "Lucy Schultz" is fine. "Why the Cunningham?" he asks. "It's a long story," she says. You're telling me!

Lucy says her father (Hal Cunningham) was killed in a car accident when she was nine. It's possible that she was about nine in #68: “Choices” and #79: “Our Best Vacation Ever”. In fact, it's more than possible: it's likely: In #133: “Cousin Albert”, Lucy said she was in Odyssey Middle School for another two years - making her somewhere around twelve, which would've put her somewhere around nine in album 5 - just after "Choices".

Finally, Lucy says that her father worked for the Odyssey Times. But if he worked for the Times, that means that George Barclay worked for the newspaper, since Mary said he worked with Hal in #79: “Our Best Vacation Ever”. And if George worked for the Times, he wouldn't go looking for a job there just after he lost his job in #234: “Our Daily Bread”.

The writers tried their best to fix this goof and were only somewhat successful. (Her strange attraction to Richard Maxwell around the time of #83: “The Battle, Part 1” could have been nicely explained if her dad had just died, as well as how depressed Lucy was around that period in Odyssey.) But that isn't likely, because in episode #77: “The Nemesis, Part 1” she mentions that her parents (plural) had put her on restriction. Also, the Odyssey Times reference is still a goof. But I suppose it's just water under the proverbial bridge now.

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