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Kenneth Anderson
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When Kenneth was 3 years old his home burned down. His mother died and his father was said to have died of severe burns and smoke inhalation. He was emotionally scarred and was obsessed with finding his home. Kenneth was put into foster care and was moved around a lot. His uncle later adopted him and gave him his adopted name of Kent Wakefield. He saw an article that Mr. Whittaker wrote about Whit's End and thought it was his past home. He then came to visit when he was 28. His uncle tracked him to Odyssey and told Mr. Whittaker that Kenneth was insane. Kenneth and Whit got too close to finding out that Kenneth's uncle was actually holding Kenneth's father captive. Kenneth and his father end up together.


Kenneth's mother was Katherine Anderson. She died of smoke inhalation. His father was Steven Anderson, who suffered greatly from the fire but lived. Due to the trauma he suffered from the fire, he seems a bit crazy. His uncle was James Wakefield, who was the black sheep of the family and wanted the family fortune. His housekeeper was Mrs. Ullman.


Kenneth Anderson is voiced by Bill Pomeroy, has appeared in 3 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 93%.