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Information.png Steven Anderson is one of 799 characters who have appeared in fewer than six episodes. Not much information may be available about him or her.

Steven Anderson
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Over twenty years before the events of The Mysterious Stranger, Part 1, Steven Anderson lived in the Tate House with his wife Katherine (who as the former Katherine Wakefield was the heiress to the Wakefield family fortune) and his son Kenneth, later Kent Wakefield. Later, the Tate House caught fire with Katherine dying and Steven being disfigured both physically and mentally. Steven was eventually moved to Tate Lodge to be cared for by Mrs. Ullman while Kenneth was later adopted by his uncle James Wakefield and taken to Pittsburgh.

Steven made his first on air appearance in The Mysterious Stranger, Part 1 when he caused part of the burnt out Tate House to collapse on Whit and Lucy Cunningham-Schultz though neither got injured.

He then appeared in The Mysterious Stranger, Part 2 when his son Kent visited Tate Lodge to talk to Mrs. Ullman. James had already arrived and ordered Steven, who only had enough mental capacity to follow basic orders, to restrain Kent while Mrs. Ullman sedated Kent. He almost partook in his son's murder before Whit arrived and Mrs. Ullman had Steven put his son in Whit's car. Afterwards it is only known that Steven was moved to a medical facility and Kent was going to spend time with him.


He has a deceased wife, Katherine Anderson, and a son he didn't know was still alive, Kent Wakefield. Also, he has a brother-in-law, James Wakefield.


Steven Anderson is voiced by Bryan Leder, has appeared in 2 episodes.