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Information.png Ken Blaylock is one of 2,428 characters who have only appeared in one episode. Not much information may be available about him or her.

Ken Blaylock
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He seems to have a humble attitude as he was willing to redirect blame for the baseball game loss from Matthew Parker to the team.


In a baseball game against Odenton Ken was pitching for the Odyssey Coyotes. In the ninth inning even though the team was leading, they began to fall apart after Vance King dropped a ball with a glove sabotaged by Matthew Parker. As a result the entire team, Ken included, became sloppy and Ken's pitching suffered until Odenton pulled off the upset. At the team rewards banquet Matthew came out and admit his part in sabotaging Vance's glove leading to the team meltdown. However, Ken pointed out when he received his reward that the team as a whole performed poorly in the ninth inning and that the team as a whole was to blame, not just Vance or Matthew.


He maybe related to bus driver Mr. Blaylock but that has neither been confirmed nor denied.


Kenny Blaylock is also the name of a missionary in Suriname discussed in #493: “Sheep's Clothing”.


Ken Blaylock: Actually, I did lose the game, and so did everybody else on our team. It would be easy to blame Matthew, and that was a pretty lousy thing for him to do. You know what? It wasn't all his fault. Just like it wasn't Vance's or mine. Though, I know I wasn't pitching my best. The fact is, we didn't play as a team in the 9th inning. We took it for granted that Odenton would be easy to beat. I mean, we thought we had the game won. We were overconfident and sloppy; it's that simple. So, maybe we should keep that in mind when we're passing the blame around; it wasn't any of us, it was all of us. Thanks for the award.

#659: “Target of the Week”


Ken Blaylock is voiced by Alex Polinsky, has appeared in 1 episode.