Joe Blakley

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Joe Blakley
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Like Curt's father Frank, Joe is an alcoholic. However, that was where the similarities ended. While Curt's mother left them when Curt was younger and Frank never seemed to bully Curt (although it is quite possible that Curt had lied about his mother leaving since Curt was dishonest), Joe's wife Helen stayed with the family. Joe often bullied his son Brock when he got drunk. When Jared DeWhite tried out the Transmuter, he became Brock for a day, and felt the pain of Brock's home life. Joe then appears and calls Brock a "sissy boy" upon seeing the package of flower seeds Brock holds in his hand before heading out back and destroying his flower garden despite the pleas from Brock, Loraine, and Helen for him to stop. Jared then realized that Brock's home life and the way his father treated him was the reason why Brock was the way he was.


He is the father of Brock and Loraine, as well as the husband of Helen.


Joe Blakley is voiced by Pete Reneday, has appeared in 1 episode.