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Information.png Brock Blakley is one of 2,438 characters who have only appeared in one episode. Not much information may be available about him or her.

Brock Blakley
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Brock was fifteen years old, and was known as a school bully at Odyssey Middle School. He was held back a few grades, so he was older and bigger than the other students.


He had a younger sister named Loraine Blakley. His parents were Joe Blakley and Helen Blakley. His dad wasn't home much and he often was drunk when he was.


He liked to play soccer and was on the soccer team at school. Brock liked flowers and had a garden in his backyard.


Brock Blakley is voiced by Chad Reisser, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 95%.