The Harlequin Dinner Theatre

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The Harlequin Dinner Theatre
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The The Harlequin Dinner Theatre is a popular dinner theatre in Odyssey, owned and run by Edwin Blackgaard. The only employees and actors at the Harlequin seem to be Edwin and his faithful servant Walter Shakespeare. From what we can ascertain from the episodes, the Harlequin puts on very good productions — despite Edwin's tendency to pander to critics.


Prior to being the Harlequin, the theatre was originally owned by Mr. Flynn, who sold the theatre to Edwin Blackgaard in #203: “Double Trouble”. Under Edwin's ownership the theatre has sponsored a bike race, housed a Shakespearean festival, and produced a hilarious play about the life of window-washer Bernard Walton.

Once out of need for funds Edwin hosted an acting class at the theatre and produced a (generally disastrous) play as a result (#218: “A Class Act”).



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