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Bill Moorhead
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Bill was a handy-man who lived in Odyssey. He in fact moved from Chicago to Odyssey to start his own handyman business. However, his wife Joan Moorhead didn't feel his handyman work wasn't making ends meet and decided to find a job. He was working on Whit's freezer when it broke. While he was working on it at home Whit gave away free ice cream so that the rest of the ice cream didn't melt and go to waste.


See Moorhead family

His wife was Joan and they had a son, Craig.


John Whittaker: Your son Craig — he’s funny.
Bill Moorhead: He's no stranger than most boys.

#2: “The Life of the Party”


Bill Moorhead is voiced by Will Ryan, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 79%.