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Craig Moorhead
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Before Craig Moorhead moved to Odyssey, he and his family lived in Columbus, Ohio. After the family moved to Odyssey, Craig's parents argued a lot, making him think they were getting a divorce.


Craig was known for telling jokes. He thought his jokes were sufficient enough to make good friends. But then, when he wanders into Whit's End and tells Whit the whole story about his parents' conflict and then tells Whit that his friends are only there for him whenever he makes a joke, Whit listens, and then uses some melting orange sherbet and raspberry ice cream to illustrate the biblical principle of sowing and reaping. Craig realized that he had sown nothing but jokes with his friends. So how could he expect to reap their sympathy?

Craig understood and promised to put what he had learned into practice — a promise he got to keep immediately when the door opened, and in walked Freddy.


See Moorhead family

His parents were Bill and Joan Moorhead.


Craig Moorhead is voiced by Chad Reisser, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 79%.