As Crusty As They Wanna Be

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As Crusty As They Wanna Be was the first rock-n-roll cassette from the Bones of Rath band. The album was only featured in #179: “You Gotta Be Wise”.

The Bones of Rath Band

Rodney played accordian for the band.

Bart acted as band manager, putting out the cassette under "Bart Records."


Robyn Jacobs bought the cassette, and really enjoyed the music — until her father made her get rid of the tape and take down the poster hanging on her wall. She eventually realized why after a talk with Whit about it; she and her father eventually apologized over what had happened. Dale disapproved of the music and wrote an article for the Odyssey Times about discernment.


  • I Wish You Would Hurry Up and Die
  • Do I Love You? The Not a Chance Song
  • Razor-Blade Rag
  • Rock Until Your Brain Explodes
  • Who Needs Parents?

Lyrics to Who Needs Parents?

It ticks me off that they won't grin and bear it
And when they get so bossy that really tears it
I wish they'd fall of the face of the planet
Or slip through the cracks of a big piece of granite
Or ship 'em off to an island that's barren
'Cause who needs parents?


They are the biggest thing since sliced peaches!

Bart Rathbone

Sounds like a cross between a jackhammer and several cats being scorched with a flame thrower!

Dale Jacobs

I thought they recorded a traffic jam!

Dale Jacobs