Abe Burnbaum

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Abe Burnbaum
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Abe Burnbaum is a greeting card salesman from Akron who was confused with escaped convict Rocky Mancuso while taking refuge at Whit's End from a bad storm. After Dylan and Connie locked him in the library, he made his way upstairs via the secret servants' entrance and tried unsuccessfully to revive Mr. Smith, who was slipping into a diabetic coma. Mr. Burnbaum then left in his car to get help for Mr. Smith but was pursued by a paranoid and confused Eugene, who assumed Burnbaum had killed Mr. Smith and imprisoned Connie in the trunk of his car. The car was destroyed in the ensuing chase after it fell down a ravine and was run over by a train, prompting Eugene, Connie and Dylan to work to pay off Mr. Burnbaum's losses.



Abe Burnbaum is voiced by Danny Wells, has appeared in 1 video, and has received an average user rating of 95%.