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Dion Farkus
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He was a bully from Vance's gang who was made by Vance to make Buck's life miserable. After Buck caught Vance to prove all his gang did was because Vance made them, Dion seemed to change for the better, giving up the scam he was going to use at the Whit's End Let's Get Together festival and going on a ride with Buck. He changed his mean ways after having to get a heart transplant.



Dion: Okay, Buck. It’s “bait or cut fish” time! So what do you have for us?

#781: “Out of the Woods”


Dion Farkus is voiced by Alex Polinsky, has appeared in 6 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 88.2%.

Dion Farkus has been mentioned in 2 episodes.